We all love our pets.

We keep them safe, feed them, take them for walks and share the comforts of home with them and in return they give us so much love, companionship and loyalty.

To help you give your pets the absolute best of care Fur Life Vet have developed a new program called Best Mates that provides a range of built in services covering all the regular pet health requirements plus  unlimited free veterinary consultations.

Best Matesthe membership program designed to keep your pet happy and healthy longer and bring you peace of mind!

Best Mates Benefits*

  • FREE Dental scale and polish or FREE Desexing
  • Unlimited FREE Consultations
  • FREE Vaccinations
  • FREE Microchip
  • FREE unlimited Nail Trims
  • FREE 10 Point Health Screen & SDMA Blood test
  • 10% Discount on all Professional Fees & Medications
  • 15% Discount on Food and Merchandise
  • 15% Discount on Parasite control
  • 20% Discount on Grooming services

Check out all the details on the Best Mates webpage or have a chat with the friendly reception team at one of our clinics to find out how a Best Mates membership can benefit your best mate.

*Visit the Best Mates webpage for all the details, terms and conditions!